Task information

The aim of this project is to make rosary bead making kits and sell them. We already have a deal with Divine Mercy Publications who will sell the kits for us. 

We need to put together a kit which includes the right amount of materials and then deliver the kits to Divine Mercy Publications. Also local primary schools may also be interested in the kits.

  1. Work out the materials that need to go into each kit.
    1. Number of beads (number of one colour and number of the other colour)
    2. Number of strings
    3. Number of crosses
    4. Number of tools
    5. Rosary bead making instructions
    6. Rosary bead making CD?
    7. Special glue?
    8. Bag for the materials
    9. Marketing label (A4 sheet in bag with the materials behind it).
  2. Put the kits together.
  3. Deliver to Divine Mercy Publications.
  4. Advertise to schools and offer to use their school colours in the kits. Also advertise through this website and other MAYO channels.
  5. Put the kits together
  6. Deliver the kits. Could also help with giving the students help when making the beads.
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