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The Rosary bead making group makes rosaries each Wednesday lunchtime at Mazenod. This is the guide to making Rosary beads.

There are instructions here. You can burn a CD of an instructional DVD here (it is a big file so it will take a while to download). You can see the videos and pictures here.

 You can buy the beads from https://www.rosarymakingparts.com/

To make the rosary bead making tool, simply cut up an old umbrella to make the little tools. You will need to not just cut, but also file a bit so there are no burrs or bends on the end. 

To make the string we use:

Strings from C.H.Smith Marine, Collingwood, 9417 1077 

String: Product code TWB080. Description: 210/18 WHITE Z TWIST - 250GMS.

I cut the strings at approx 340mm. The ends are dipped in Polyeuerethane clear. I have been getting about 350 strings from a reel (which costs $7.70 the last time I bought any). The strings are made into bundles of 50 or 100.

To finish off the rosary we put a special glue (half craft glue and half nail polish remover) (acetone) on the last knots created.

We have also created a tool to get the string into the right length. This is Des' version. We have created our own version (we should upload a picture of it.)

Happy Rosary Bead making!

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