Playtime is a MAYO project to allow anyone to help develop Catholic computer games or other programming projects.The aim is to contribute to developing a Catholic youth culture. Games should be compatible with Catholic teaching and promote Catholic ethics. Ideally they should be so good that they are mass market alternatives to games of questionable morals. They must be fun and be good recreation, ie to help re-create the youth of today into the Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Current Projects 

All projects have clear introductions and provide information for interested people to develop the skills needed to get involved. 


Speckpater is named after Fr. Winifred Von Stratten who started an organisation called Aid to the Church in need which provides about 70 Million dollars of aid to help the Catholic Church where it most needs it. Father Winifred's nickname is 'The Bacon Priest' (speckpater in Dutch) since he provided food (bacon) to starving people after world war 2. Christian coders created a computer game called 'Bible Dave' under the GPL licence which allows us to use and modify the source code. Our game Speckpater is also licensed that way. The aim is to change the main character into Fr. Winifred and modify the game around the story of Fr. Winifred and his emergency landing in Africa. The main character goes around picking up Bibles. We want to modify the code so when he picks up a bible a scripture verse appears. Also occasionally the bible is damaged so the player is offered an incomplete verse which he must fill in if he is to keep the bible. Once we have a working version, we hope to gain approval for the game from Aid to the Church in Need and give the game freely to the world. This game development requires two skill sets. Programming in Python and graphics development. Code is available at https://github.com/rjzaar/Speckpater .


Angelforce is the Catholic computer game which is a pokemon clone. Skills needed is programming, graphic development and script writing. 

Other Projects 

PlaytimeEducation is to create the tutorials so others can easily get involved in the following projects.

GoogleEarth is to create a Google Earth project on the life of St. Eugene

RescueForce is to create a game where you create a team and then go to help fix a natural disaster.

makechar is to use PythonCard, Blender2pygame and Blender to create a character creator.


For information about why we use these technologies click here and to download any of these go to the installation page

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