Ben Axiaq: 

Next year, I believe our Band should have these songs not all but some.  (Music sheet link to guitar chords, piano and lyrics) 

1. Waiting for the Child- Sadly I can't find the music sheet but I will write down the notes and make up some lyrics. 

The song is in Binary Form.

1st Form A can be with the flute and piano.

2nd Form A can turn to rock n' roll with the guitar and drums.  

1st Form B can be with the flute and piano again.

2nd Form B can again turn to rock n' roll with the guitar and drums.

If it is too short, we will repect the song.

2. Blessed Be your Name- The Same as always Words and Music by Matt and Bethredman

3. Adoration By Matt Maher 

4. How Great is our God By  Chris Tomlin

5. Flames- Matt Redman 



God will make a way- By Doen Moen     

 5. Who am I? By a  Christian rock band called Casting Crowns. Written by Mark Hall and produced by Mark A. Miller and Steven Curtis Chapman

6. Breathe- By Michael W.Smith 

7. Chris Tomlin-Lord I need you 

8. Unbroken praise-Matt Redman 

9. Louder-Matt Redman





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Songs sung by Faith Hill-Christmas Songs 


3.  O come O ye faithful

4.  Joy to the World 

5. Away in a Manger 

6. Silent Night

7. Amazing Grace (My Chains are gone) 




Tell me what you think.  

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Monday, July 20 2015

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    Hi all,

    To help with the band, a normal drum kit would be too loud. One solution could be to use a guitar hero drum kit and connect it to a PC. That way it will be a cheap electronic drum kit that can be used in the group.

    Some solutions online require some software to be bought. I'm pretty sure there should be a way using only free software. Finlay has a drum kit we can use. Joshua Rajendran is interested to work on the interface between the kit and the PC. I'm happy to oversee the project.

    The first thing we need to know, is exactly what version of drum kit Finlay has.

    Here is a link that explains what needs to happen. There are various other solutions out there, but each one so far has involved some paid software, whereas this one is completely free.


    God Bless

    Rob Zaar

Thursday, May 21 2015

Monday, May 18 2015

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    Hi everyone!

    It was great to meet some of you yesterday.

    I thought I'd post a few youtube links for the song we worked on yesterday as well as the other 2 songs I gave you music for. For those of you who weren't there yesterday for our rehearsal, have a listen to these songs and start to familiarise yourself with them so we can rehearse in greater detail next week.

    Blessed be Your Name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaLXQubmUmE
    Breathe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TorKJobwHus
    Alive Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX5HP0aYo98

    As I'm only here for another 3 weeks, we'll get through as much as we can. It would be great if you guys use this forum to communicate with me about any questions you may have regarding the music I have given you, any questions regarding being part of a band, rehearsal techniques, voicing in bands etc.

    See you all next Thursday afternoon.

Thursday, April 30 2015

Tuesday, April 21 2015