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This project is crucial. MAYODev is the group that runs this website. We have our own webserver at Mazenod and have total control of a webserver in the US which runs this website. By getting involved you will learn professional skills and be able to run your own webserver if you wish. The technology we use is all free but even the US government uses the same technology as us. 

Our technology stack:

We are running a linode (https://www.linode.com/) (but you can play with your own webserver using AWS (AWS Amazon)

Apache (http://www.apache.org/) with MySQL and PHP

Drupal (https://www.drupal.org/

OpenAtrium (https://www.drupal.org/project/openatrium) a Drupal distribution.

We will be improving our setup using Drupal VM (able to create a website with one button) http://www.drupalvm.com/  

Here is youtube that explains all this.

There are many different skills that you can learn:

A) Managing the website: learn OpenAtrium

B) Running the web server: using the command line

C) Help improve the look of the website: learn html, css and OpenAtrium

D) Help connect the website with social media: learn RSS

E) Help create a MAYO smart phone app that connects to the website: Learn app dev.

F) Help create new features on the website: Learn to code in Javascript, PHP.

As you can see there are many ways to get involved. Here are three ways to start:

  1. Learn to use this website: 
    1. Start by asking for an administrator account from one of the site Admins.
    2. Go through each of site tours (click on the '?' on the top right of this webpage, yes the little one in the circle on the very top right. Ok, you might need to scroll up. No not the X on top of the screen, that will close this browser, about 3cm below that)
    3. If you think the site can be improved, then make your suggestion to one of the Admins and go for it.
    4. There may be website tasks that need to be done. There are also some thoughts here
    5. Ask one of the Admins what needs to be done.
  2. Improve the look of the website
    1. Learn HTML at w3schools (easiest way) or  codeacademy
    2. Learn CSS at w3schools
    3. Learn to customise the MAYO website
    4. Learn to create a new theme
  3. Learn to use the commandline:
    1. One way is to learn the commandline on the code academy website.
    2. You could also install ubuntu on your own computer using a CD (easiest way) or USB a little more work but still quite easy.
    3. You could create a free account on AWS Amazon
    4. Once you have learnt the commandline you can help update the website. This involves using putty particularly putty.exe. You will be given the password and can then access the MAYO webserver to update the website using the instructions here.
  4. Learn to develop a phone app:
    1. Read this about the app development

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