Creating a Youth Group App

Submitted by rjzaar on December 4, 2014 - 2:49am

The plan is to syndicate local Catholic events into an android/apple app.

This website will collect information from local youth groups (eg their facebook page) using RSS (the technical way to do this). It will then collect all this information into a single feed which is available on this site. A separate android app will be created which simply displays the information from this feed.

If you are interested in being involved, join this site and then join this group.

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MAYO website development

Submitted by rjzaar on August 23, 2015 - 6:15am

If you are interested in web development than this group is for you!

We run our own server (linode.com) and have root access to it, which means we have total control of the server. This website is running on that server.

If you want to help out there are many different types of skills that are useful. 


We use DRUPAL, particularly the Openatrium version of it. You can download and run this yourself using acquia dev desktop which can be downloaded at: https://www.acquia.com/downloads  You will then need to set up a new openatrium site. If you have any questions, join this group and post a question on the discussion board. Many tasks can be done without needing to work on ther server itself or needing to know HTML or CSS.


Our website runs on ubuntu which is a form of LINUX. We use a server version which means there is no windows, but it is only command line. To learn how to use the command line code academy has an online course, so start with that: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line 

This will allow you to keep the server up to date and help improve how the server works, eg set up auto backups.


Creating a new logo is really a matter of using Illustrator or Photoshop or its open source equivalents such as GIMP and Inkscape (free software). If you really want to work on improving how the site looks in more detail you will need to learn HTML and CSS. You can do this at w3schools. Then you will need to learn how to 'skin' or 'theme' a drupal 7 site. There are also many youtube videos out there to help you.

If you have any questions then post on the discussion board.

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    This technical project is to set up the functionality to automatically import Youth Group events from whatever technology a group uses to advertise their events, eg Facebook.

    Suggested development:

    A) Drupal importers

    Create a new content type like Feed Item: Admin>Structure> Content types > Add Content Type

    Call it YGEvent

    Have a look at the Event content type and duplicate it for YGEvent.

    Once the YGEvent is created, create a new feed importer

    Admin>Structure>Feeds Importers

    Clone the Feed importer.

    Call it YGEImporter

    Attach it to YGEvent.

    Have a look through all the settings.

    B) Facebook set up

    Create a new public facebook group (eg YGdrupaltest)

    Create two public events for the next month.

    C) Research what code there already is for drupal to import events

    search for "Drupal Facebook event importer" or use other words such as feed

    It needs to be for drupal version 7.

    Check how much it is being used compared to other options.

    D) Install and test a module.

    You can install and enable a new module (copy the .tar.gz link and put it into Admin>modules> Install new module, just paste in the link and click install.

    You then need to enable the module and configure it. There may be some guidance in the readme file.

    See if you can import the event automatically.

    E) If the events are importing OK, see if you can have them turn up in the correct calendar.

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