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Thursday, September 8 2016

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    In Vietnam the majority of students do not have enough money to study in University after Secondary school.

    The Mazenod Old Collegians Association (M.O.C.A.) are working together with MAMI and the OMI Vietnamese mission to create a scholarship program which will allow students go to University and get a decent job with a good wage to support themselves and their families.

    The money raised by Mission Action Day goes to the Oblates who work in Vietnam to help them fund those that wish to attend University.

    The Oblates in Vietnam run an orphanage and have 30 children aged 7 – 15 . This is made of 10 orphans and 20 children taken from very poor families in Vietnam. The children can visit their parents on holidays or special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays or Easter.

    Many of these children would have been missing out on education and working at a young age to earn  money for their families.

    So far the Scholarship program run by the OMI and MOCA now gave the 10 most successful students from the orphanage the opportunity to go to University and get a good job which will break the cycle of poverty and help their families. As well as this the other 20 have a brighter future ahead of them from.


Thursday, September 1 2016