What is MAYO?

Submitted by rjzaar on July 1, 2015 - 4:04am

MAYO (Mission Action Youth Organisation) is an Oblate initiative which began at Mazenod College Mulgrave named after Fr MAYO OMI. It has evolved out of students who were involved in a year 9 Extension RE program. It seeks to primarily allow students to come to life-long personal relationship with Christ within the Catholic Church, be formed through prayer, formation, projects and friendship to discern their personal vocation in life and then live it out, whatever it may be.

Leave Nothing Undared for the Kingdom of God: MAYO empowers young people to follow Jesus and build the Kingdom without limits. Young people can connect in with MAYO in different ways, whether it is through a project, through a youth group, through prayer, through formation, through the meetings, or through starting their own group. Everything in MAYO is shared so anyone can do whatever they like with it. The resources created are free for anyone to use according to the creative commons licence which is explained in this video. In a similar way, anyone can start their own kind of MAYO group is they wish. The MAYO elements are structure, prayer, formation, projects, events, youth groups and MAYO groups.